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For the person, who has always longed for big game hunting, seek out the wilderness of Newfoundland.  Here you will find that trophy, which is sure to be admired by the hunter and non-hunter alike.  The moose is the most popular big game animal in Newfoundland.  Although not native to the island, it has adapted itself very well to the wilderness.  The bull moose presents a truly awesome sight with tremendous antlers towering over his short body and exceptionally long legs.  This prize trophy large animal can move very quietly through the wilderness.  Four Ponds Outfitting site is in an area where moose are most numerous.  This coupled with the fact that each hunter has his/her own competent guide gives him/her greater assurance of the possibility of obtaining a trophy.

Caribou, the wandering woodland reindeer of North America are native to Newfoundland and can be found wandering in large numbers roaming aimlessly in the barrens.  Every year, only a limited number of licenses are granted, in order to preserve this much sought after big game animal.  The STAG Caribou is truly a magnificent trophy - a prize most hunters wish to collect.

The taking of this wild unpredictable animal can be a very exciting experience.  Bear licenses are available on demand.  You can hunt Black Bear alone, or as a combo with Moose and/or Caribou.

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***Licenses for the Woodland Caribou and other big game
 are issued on a first come first serve basis so its important to book early.***

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