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If you plan on booking with Four Ponds Outfitting Ltd, you will find us on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada.  To get to Newfoundland and on to Four Ponds Outfitting , you have two options:

You can use air services to fly into Deer Lake, Newfoundland, where you will be greeted by a representative of Four Ponds Outfitters. From there you will be transported on to Portland Creek and then to your hunting destination.  Air Canada operates air services to Newfoundland with connections available from all major centers in the United States and Canada. Deer Lake or St. Anthony airports are nearest to our camps.

You can drive through Atlantic Canada and take the North Sydney- Port Aux Basques ferry to Newfoundland. Take the Trans-Canada Highway EAST to Deer Lake and then Route 430 North to arrive at Portland Creek. The driving time from the ferry terminal in Port Aux Basques to Portland Creek is approximately 5 hours.
Marine Atlantic provides year-round service between North Sydney, Nova Scotia and Port Au Basque, Newfoundland.

Hunters will access camps by fly-in.  Your flight will originate from Parsons Pond by floater plane or from Pasadena by helicopter. 

Contact Us for your next big game hunt!

Four Ponds Outfitting Ltd.
P.O. Box 249
Cow Head, Newfoundland
A0K 2A0
(709) 243-2801
Cell: (709) 632-7111

***Licenses for the Woodland Caribou and other big game
 are issued on a first come first serve basis so its important to book early.***

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